Breeze house garden design Thame


This garden design Thame presented us with the challenge of packing lots into a relatively small space! Our client wanted to transform their garden by removing the lawn and including several features including a dining and entertaining area, a Breeze House, a water feature and a Greenhouse – together with space to hang the washing which would not intrude too much on their view of the garden. We were asked to include some of the owners’ plants that had sentimental value and look at how we could screen neighbouring buildings. One of the existing trees was very large and out of proportion with the size of the garden and another was rather lopsided, so the planting need a complete rethink. The garden was very important to our client, and our garden design process included design options and several refinements as the project progressed.


Our garden design divided the space – giving a feeling that everything was in proportion to its surroundings and in harmony with the architecture of the house. The design succeeded in positioning the greenhouse in a way that it was not the main focal point and the owners could stroll through the garden to reach it. Although the greenhouse was quite attractive, we positioned it so that the Breeze House was the most visible element from the main terrace. Raised beds, including Corten steel panels served to divide the garden, create a sense of journey and add a feeling of enclosure to the main terrace and lounge seating area. These panels were also used to screen the area that we created to hang the washing. Corten panels, alternating with frames of Star Jasmine, were also added to the adjoining wall, providing a contemporary look and sense of rhythm. Graphite grey pavers and porcelain paving were used in different areas to reinforce the geometry within the garden design and add interest to the space.

We enjoy creating garden lighting designs as they create real drama and wow factor as the sun goes down! We also installed lighting within this garden design Chinnor

We designed a water feature that made use of the change in levels within the garden; a water bowl spilled into an upper pool that ran down to a lower pool. A bridge was created – linking the Breeze House with the rest of the garden. The Breeze House was nestled within the planting, and this, together with the bridge, made this area feel special and really relaxing.

Early on in the design process the client decided that they wanted to add a new window to the house which would overlook the garden. We worked this into the garden design by creating a strong vista from that window to a focal point on the far side of the garden.

The garden combined several contemporary garden design ideas with the informality of an abundance of cottage garden plants. Additional drama was created with the lighting scheme that bought the garden to life after dark, and allowed the owners to enjoy the space late into the evening.

We always enjoy creating garden lighting design. As the sun goes down, the garden comes to life in a different way. Often we create garden designs with lighting because the owners want to sit out in the evening enjoying a drink – as we did for this garden design in Chinnor, Buckinghamshire