Walled garden with garden room


Our client for this walled garden design, was a semi retired couple who wanted a tranquil retreat where they could spend increasing amounts of time.

The garden design brief included how we could create screening from the neighbours and make the garden feel more cosy and intimate. We wanted to make the garden feel more intimate and private without restricting the space within the garden. So that the owners could sit out at any time of day and in all weathers, they wanted to include a new garden room.

The current garden included some irregularly shaped paving and no overall garden design, so we wanted to bring a sense of structure and harmony within the new garden design. The client had a preference for clean, straight lines, so we had to work on the best way to do this within a garden that was not square and included some tricky angles.


The concept for this Walled garden design included a bespoke garden room. This had covered sides that could be opened and closed according to the weather. As we often do, we helped translate this concept design into the bespoke detailed design working with a specialist supplier.

The clients could sit in their garden room enjoying a view out over the rest of the garden and feel a strong connection with the planting because of the raised beds that were positioned immediately outside the structure. The scent of flowers and carefully positioned herbs wafted into the garden room. When the weather turned cold, the sides could be closed and an infra-red heater used to extend the time that they could comfortably be outside and enjoy relaxing and entertaining.

The space was intersected by 2 paths which circled round an island bed – creating a sense of journey through the garden and making it feel larger. These paths led to another casual seating area – positioned to catch the sun and be is shade at different times of day. The owners were delighted with their new garden which they have enjoyed showing off to their friends.