Garden with pool and pub


We were delighted to be asked to create a garden design for this beautiful home, nestled in a serene North Oxfordshire village.  We are often asked by clients to work alongside their architects and developers to design a garden that will complement the new house. The architect had designed an angular, contemporary residence adorned with oak cladding and sleek black metal windows and frames which was set against the timeless beauty of the rural setting. The garden needed to be more than just an outdoor space; it needed to serve as a bridge, a harmonious link between the house and the surrounding countryside.

Our client wanted a design that provided flexible entertaining spaces and linked the house with the new outbuilding that was being created as a space for fun and socialising. The design also needed to create space for a hot tub, children’s play area and a lounging area near to the swimming pool.


The first step was to create visual harmony. We linked the angular aesthetics of the house to the straight lines that marked the edges of the planting beds and paving that lead away from the building. To create a harmony with the more naturalistic areas further away from the house and link the outbuilding to the house and paved areas, long but subtle curves were used to create paths and mark the edge of the lawn and wildflower meadow beyond.

The heart of the project lay in creating a versatile entertainment space. This space, designed to integrate with the refurbished swimming pool, was a central to the garden’s role in bringing people together. Lounge seating together with fire table provided a chillout area to relax and drink before dinner or taking a dip in the pool.

The bespoke pergola covering the outdoor pool table added an element of outdoor recreation, seamlessly connecting the ‘pub’ garden building. This element would add endless hours of fun and entertainment to the garden, making it a real outdoor recreation hub.

In the midst of all the modern amenities, the garden’s hot tub space provided a retreat – a place of relaxation and tranquility – set amongst lush planting and sculptural screening elements that mirrored the uprights of the pergola on the other side of the garden (and provide somewhere to hang a towel !).

As we ventured further from the house, the garden transitioned from formality to nature. The cultivated area near the house represented the essence of modern elegance, while the wildflower meadow, orchard, and ‘hidden’ play area revealed the garden’s commitment to embracing wilderness and biodiversity.

Throughout the design, security was paramount, ensuring that the entire garden was a safe haven for all, including our client’s four-legged companion. Sustainability was a key component of the design, reflecting the rural values of the area. The provision of permeable parking area, complete with electric vehicle charging was a testament to our client’s commitment to eco-friendliness.